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The Travelling Painter In Greece - Paul Millichip

In his popular book "The Travelling Painter", Paul Millichip addressed for the first time the special concerns of "those who paint and travel and those who travel and paint". John Hemson's exciting and entertaining video filmed almost entirely on a Greek island gives us a unique chance to travel with Paul and see him painting on site. Paul tells us about subject selection and sketchbook work, carrying us through the stages of two watercolours and also tackling two different outdoor subjects in oils. Painting in the uniquely sharp light of Greece is illustrated and discussed together with the extended tonal range and clear colour mixtures which need to be understood by those working in strong sunlight. Practical questions are well covered: what to take, how to pack it, establishing a working place, appraising painting on return, making studio paintings from sketches and notes, etc. All painters will find their eyes opened by this helpful and colourful film with its refreshing combination of authentic locations and painterly wisdom. Running time: 61 minutes

Price For Dvd 10 uk pounds - including p&p & vat

An Introduction to Chinese Brush Painting - Part 1 - Jane Evans

This video is intended to give the aspiring artist a flavour of the exciting possibilities offered by Chinese Brush Painting. In Part 1, after a stimulating introduction to the subject and a demonstration of the necessary materials, the exercises concentrate on the painting of flowers. Jane Evans begins in the traditional way with the 'Four Friends, Plum Blossom, Bamboo, Orchid and Chrysanthemum. An exercise in painting a Peony is illustrated in some detail followed by the art of applying a final wash.

Price For Dvd 6 uk pounds - plus p&p & vat

An Introduction to Chinese Brush Painting - Part 2

In part 2, Jane Evans demonstrates the techniques of painting birds, fish, animals and finally landscapes.

Painting a Portrait - Derek Chittock

This video demonstrates the summary of stages through which a portrait progresses, beginning with the all-important underpainting. Practically all the problems likely to be encountered are systematically demonstrated, including the vexed problems of arriving at convincing flesh tints. Exciting close-ups show how to build up the work and the importance of establishing a relaxed atmosphere with the model. The painting of the eyes is particularly well demonstrated revealing the behaviour of light both in and through the eye.

Still Life in Oils - Paul Millichip

During this studio session, Paul Millichip deals with some of the fascinating problems involved in the creation of a still life painting. The choice of grouping of objects according to colour is explained followed by a description of the materials and five basic colours used by the artist. Paul tries out different ideas for composition and shows how the chosen idea is transferred to a painting board. We watch as the painting is carried through from the 'lay in' towards the completed picture. Painting technique is studied through precise close-ups of colour mixing and paint application.

The Decoy - Dan Brown

Dan Brown, a former world champion carver, takes us through the development of the hunting decoy. This film vividly traces the development of the duck decoy from its simple beginnings as a hunting aid for the North American Indians, to the realistic inexpensive modern Ethafoam decoys now widely used today. There are also some exciting and beautiful scenes of modern decoys being used in a real hunt situation.

Making A Ballet - Susan Crow

Susan Crow created a short ballet over two days for Nicola Katrak and Michael O'Hare. Rehearsals took place in the de Valois Studio at the Royal Opera House in the centre of Covent Garden. "Side by Side" consists of two contrasting pas de deux; two movements from his "Sonatine pour Yvette" for piano solo. The film traces the creative process in the studio from the first tentative steps, through detailed analysis and rehearsal to a final run-through in costume. Its aim is to show the hours of preparation and work that go into making a ballet. Running time: 45 minutes

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All the above are available on DVD (area 2) PAL

Price 15 uk pounds including P&P and VAT (VHS available at same price)