Avid Editing

Our Avid non-linear editing suite is a complete professional digital video studio. We have over 100 customised real time effects, automatic colour correction and the legendary Avid media management systems as used by countless professionals to make images for television at the cinema or on the web.

Editors can access 24 video and 24 audio tracks with unlimited layers to leave you free to focus on the creative process not the technology.

Our system runs on Intel Pentium and Windows XP software so even at your first visit, the software will seem familiar to most PC users.

Library music
We have an extensive collection of pre-recorded library music for your selection.

We can digitalise most linear formats for editing e.g. Beta SP, U-Matic, SVHS, VHS and of course, any digitalised original camera footage e.g. DV, Mini DV.

Our Editors
Our two regular editors both have many hours of expertise of editing on Avid on industrial, training and news material.

The Cost

Call us for an hourly rate to edit your work. You will find us very competitive indeed.

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