Ins (TV) News

John Hemson Associates also celebrate 5 years since the formation of the only independent television news service in Milton Keynes.

INS has been circulating stories worldwide about events and industrial innovations in and around Milton Keynes – totally free of charge to the clients.

It has taken a long time for the local businesses to understand just how INS can help promote their personal stories worldwide, but 5 years on the business continues to build.

A quote from the original press release in April 2000: “This new service is being launched to provide a television news service for international television agencies. John Hemson, director says, “Milton Keynes has now come of age and is about to expand in all directions – we wish to remain in the forefront of the television industry. Initially, most of the news will come from our close association with Milton Keynes and will be syndicated to national and international film and news broadcast companies. We have a good team of camera operators who have many years of experience in the business world of news gathering.”

John Hemson will be looking for news stories in the MK business sector and of human stories from residents.

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