Tesco Three training and personnel audio programmes - Dignity at Work, Managing Pressure and Relaxation Exercises - were produced for senior Tesco management sponsored by the Tesco Warehouse Training Department. We also produced a video entitled The Load Restraint systems which demonstrates to the delivery drivers the importance of safety securing loads. All distributed on VHS.

Cummins Two programmes were shot concurrently at the Cummins factory in Kent to promote their easy to use Digitally Controlled portable emergency generator equipment. Distributed on VHS and CD-Rom.

Enterprise Tondelli This video was produced to show Enterprise Tondelli's success in setting up a Coca-Cola bottling plant in Samara in the Russian Federation. The programme was shot over 4 days using the latest Digital mini-camcorder. Distributed on DVD.

Old Road Securities This Company had 7 acres of potential residential land for sale by tender. The video was shot in and around Bedford and sent out with a prospectus. The result - a record response and a more than expected price for the land. Distributed on VHS format.

Regent Gloves This video was commissioned by the Off The Wall Marketing to demonstrate via creative photography and 3D computer animation the possible dangers from surgical gloves and the powder used in donning them. Regent Hospital Products wanted to promote their own super Biogel gloves - the world's most advanced surgical gloves to the dental profession. Distributed on VHS.

Public Art in Milton Keynes An educational charity wished to illustrate the commissioning and siting of sculpture in public places within the new city. The programme has been widely shown and has clearly established Milton Keynes as a world city for excellence in placing art in public places. Distributed on VHS. Follow this link for the programme extract

Oxford GlycoSciences – Micro Protein Spotter A promotional/information video illustrating the operation of the new HPLC coupled protein spotter together with the evaluation processes by mass spectrometer. Final distribution on CD-Rom

Cl:aire (Contaminated Land: Application in Real Environments) Cl:aire is a public/private partnership carrying out practical research into techniques that will help to decontaminate more than 10,000 redundant industrial sites in the UK. The programme now in production demonstrates some of the decontamination procedures on trial. To be used to educate and inform the UK environmental industry and will be of worldwide interest.

Sponsored by: English Partnerships

Skandia Life Cowes Week 2003

Probably the best sailing regatta on earth” a quote by one of last year’s competitors. In August 2003, John Hemson was there again right in the centre of the action, filming 36 Classes of racing. Although one of the hottest summer weeks in the UK for many years – the camera team were out every day filming the racing in the Solent. Following the early morning preparation and working late into the night ‘observing’ the parties! 30,000 glasses of Mumm champagne were consumed. This year the final night firework display was presented for the first time by Kimbolton Fireworks – a spectacular show and an excellent record of the event.

Milton Keynes Safety Centre In this unique educational centre, they aim to educate children to keep themselves safe and reduce accidents by presenting safety issues in a number of realistic scenarios.

Every year, over a million children are admitted to hospital following accidents in and around the home, 200 of these children receive fatal injuries leading to pain and suffering for the families as well as themselves.

Sponsored by: Buckingham Fire Rescue Services

Click here for programme extract

Milton Keynes Theatre – “The Right Time, The Right Place” On 18th June 1997, Kevin Whately carried out the groundbreaking ceremony to mark the start of the construction of the new theatre here in Milton Keynes.

It took 99 weeks to complete the construction which was finally opened on time on 2nd October 1999. The theatre was immediately taken to the heart of the citizens of MK and is now a well-established success.

This programme shows something of the construction and running of the theatre by the Ambassador Theatre Group. The narration is by Kevin Whately with a contribution by Simon Callow.

British Touring Car Championship Rally

Another innovative first for Milton Keynes. The event was organised by the BTCC and Dunlop in collaboration with thecentre:mk. Not only were many of the souped-up touring cars on show at Middleton Hall during the day with drivers on hand to demonstrate and sign autographs but at precisely 7 pm, racing started round Avebury Boulevard between the Xscape building and the shopping centre. More than 15,000 people turned out to cheer on the cars as night fell.

Next day, the cars moved on to take part in the National Touring Cars Championship racing at Silverstone. Follow this link for the programme extract


This is the first time the national finals have been held at Willen Lake. Again thousands turned out to cheer on the boats and also to enjoy the entertainments laid on for everyone around the lake. Follow this link for the programme extract


As part of our contribution to the Willen Hospice appeal, we are currently producing a three-minute programme highlighting the work of the Hospice and the need for continuing support from local business and the community.

The programme will be available on DVD free of charge and will be used as part of their ongoing promotional programme. Follow this link for the programme extract.


This is where we came in last June as our team flew out to Nicosia and were briefed by the chair of the newly founded non-political Green Action Group and after a conducted tour of the affected areas, we were entertained to an excellent Turkish dinner given for us by Canan Öztoprak, the Minister of National Education and Culture.

The plan is to produce an awareness programme highlighting the urgent need for conservation.

In the spring of 2006, we hope to be filming the wild flowers and particularly the black medosh tulip, unique to northern Cyprus together with the loggerhead turtles’ breeding grounds, the monk seals, flamingos, migrating birds and hopefully if they can be found, the local dolphins. 

There is plenty of enthusiasm for the project so that when north and south once again unite, the north will have demonstrated their commitment to preserving this unique and beautiful island.

Upton – High Density housing development in Northampton – for English Partnerships

uptonA new town of more than 1,000 homes is being developed on a 106 acre site at Upton, just one mile from the city centre.

John Hemson Associates have been recording the construction since May 2004. This is one of the Prince’s Foundation Trust flagship home development programmes along with the development of Poundbury near Dorchester. It is planned to expand on the site to accommodate 30,000 homes by 2021. The work is being shared by a number of big corporate developers. Much emphasis has been placed on the conservation of the wildlife in and around the site and the need for the new community to understand the conservation issues surrounding them.

It is proposed to show an edited version of the work in progress in the new Interpretation Centre when completed.

Broughton – Milton Keynes – for English Partnerships

broughtonDesigned as a sustainable community, Broughton boasts a combined school, a pub and a village green, just 5 minutes drive from the city centre and 2 miles from Junction 14 on the M1.

John Hemson Associates have been filming the building of the Broughton D site developed by Bellway Homes since February 2005.

The site has a good mix of affordable homes, flats and even 1 and 2 bedroom apartments. The Guinness Trust also sponsors a number of the new homes. All the homes have Eco Excellent ratings and the team has filmed many of the new environmentally friendly building techniques used at the site.


i10 Business/University Collaboration Awards 2006

Once again, our film team toured many of the 10 east of England universities and their business collaboration partners right across the region.

We filmed many of the submissions for the awards in situ, factories, offices and university centres.

The i10 business/university collaboration awards 2006 once again celebrated successful collaborations between businesses and universities within the east of England.

Collaboration between business and universities has been bringing greater regional prosperity and creativity to businesses and universities in the east of England. By showcasing collaborative successes, i10 shows that collaboration stands for mutual benefit, partnership, support and growth.

There were three classes of entry – 1) the most innovative and entrepreneurial collaboration, 2) the most significant progress towards sustainable business activity and 3) the most creative contribution to employment opportunities.

Finally, we produced three films about the process to be used to promote the 2007 awards including the filming of the prestigious awards evening at Writtle College in Essex.

In 2006, many entries were associated with the state of the art energy conservation. It was certainly most revealing and reassuring to learn that so much is going on in universities and industry to develop better ways to save energy and in so doing, protect our fragile planet.


CUSTOMER OF THE YEAR AWARD 2006 gf lifts logo


The 2006 award was unanimously awarded to GF Hydraulic Lifts of Aylesbury.

Right from the start, the Director, Simon Mills, knew what he wanted to achieve and with the help of our creative team, has been delighted with the result. It was indeed most refreshing to work in and around a factory and service centre where all the staff were 100% involved and worked hard to maintain leadership in the sales and contract servicing of both traditional and hydraulic state of the art lifts.

It isn’t until you get heavily involved with the production of a sales and training film that you realise how refreshing it is to work with and for

A small business team that has creative ideas and enthusiasm to achieve – says John Hemson.

The award is in the form of a crystal glass vase with the achievement engraved on the surface.

gf lift pic

Gullivers World Eco Park – Newlands – Milton Keynes


Opening on 1st May 2007, the new facility is designed to mix entertainment with education and provide a unique fun and learning experience.

 The new park is situated next door to the already successful Gullivers World theme park and there are 4 themed areas:-

Evolution of the planet
The Land

Throughout the Eco Park, there will be demonstration areas and exhibitions to teach about the world around us – starting with dramatic full size reproductions of dinosaurs in their natural environment.

John Hemson Associates has been filming the progress since it started as a field in April 2005.

cbx chp CBX III – The Hub – Central Milton Keynes – Combined heat and power plant

CHP is the means by which the heat produced during the generation of electricity can be put to good use, rather than being wasted.

CHP is convected to the natural grid which has been sited in the centre of the new MK Hub complex, making up the apartment blocks, shops and restaurants in the new mixed use development area.

John Hemson Associates has been filming the installation processes, chimneys, boilers and plant.

The plant is expected to open in spring 2007.

Oxley Park – Milton Keynes


John Hemson Associates has been recording an innovative residential building development in the extreme west of Milton Keynes at Oxley Park. The homes have all been designed by the Millenium Dome architect, Sir Richard Rodgers.

They have been designed so that the interior layout can be altered to suit the needs of the householder. Rooms can also be attached as the family grows. The houses have also been developed to use renewable energy, reduce waste and save water.

145 homes are being built by George Wimpey in the first phase.

Once completed, it is hoped to add this film to a documentary project about the current state of design for new homes and the challenge of conservation of resources.